San Antonio Storm

Tags: Lightning, San Antonio

We had a pretty decent storm here in San Antonio a couple of days ago. There was even a tornado warning for a while, and while it touched down 25 miles southwest of San Antonio on Monday evening, it did not hit the city itself. Some 50 homes were damaged in the surrounding area of Medina, Texas, and several people got injured.

No tornado here, but plenty of thunder and lightning. Perfect time to try out my HDR-CX700 to try and capture some video of the event. Now, this was the middle of the night, and I didn't have time to play with manual controls - so I left it on full auto. The results are ok, but next time I will take the time to play with the manual settings, especially shutter speed. The video below was the best result I achieved that night (do switch to 720p or higher for best result) - not too bad :-)

The video was shot in highest definition (1080p60), and then slowed down 50%. The only post processing or filtering that was done was an anisotropic smoothing applied to each frame to make the end result a little less grainy. 

The images below are some stills taken from various other video segments from the same night. Click for full resolution.

Strike 1 Thumbnail    Strike 2 Thumbnail    Strike 3 Thumbnail    Strike 4 ThumbnailStrike 4 Thumbnail