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Retro Gaming

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Remember those computer systems and accompanying games from the 80's? Playing International Karate and other such great games on the Commodore 64, but also trying to write (with various degrees of success) own games is what got me into engineering and computer science in the first place. 

For the younger generation, this might not be familiar at all. Luckily there are user groups all over the world keeping these old machines going and providing others with a chance to see and play those games.

C: Structs and Pointers

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This blog entry covers parts of a recent C programming exam I held for my course C programming at VAMK. I know some of my students read this blog, so it might be of help to them, or anyone else interested in some more, dare I say, 'advanced' C stuff. It is by no means intended to be a complete tutorial, but it might provide a starting point for further study.