Kickstarter - Part Deux

Tags: Embedded, GPS, Programming

In the spirit of "never give up, never surrender", we're back with a Kickstarter project! Just like the previous one, it has to do with GPS and location, but this time we focus on a particular application: bike security and tracking. We're doing this project in partnership with Cycling Boom.



To this end, we've expanded on our previous tracker in many ways. First of all, it's smaller. Much smaller. This will allow for some interesting spin off projects which are already in the works. Secondly, we added GSM location detection besides GPS only. This means that even if you don't have a GPS signal, you can use GSM triangulation to determine your location even if located inside a building with no GPS signal at all. Lastly, we made the whole thing cheaper which is something considering the original one wasn't at all expensive to begin with.

The system keeps all the flexibility of the original, so you can choose if you want SMS or GPRS for data transfer, integrate with your own platform or use ours, etc. In addition, one of the stretch goals will add Bluetooth as well to send the data of your bike track directly to your phone.

We're currently well underway with the funding and getting quite some publicity - let's hope for the best!



Other than GSM , does it

Other than GSM , does it supports the other networks also..??


Hi, It works in every country


It works in every country where there is a GSM network, which is everywhere except Japan and Korea. It does not use any 3G/4G features since it would be a waste of power and would absolutely not add any benefit