New Horizons for Embedded

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Well, maybe not that new - but definitely something that is getting more and more important. 

The embedded development toolbox is rapidly expanding, and it is becoming harder and harder to find people skilled in these tools. Starting from the university, 'embedded' is considered hard and not as 'cool' as traditional software development. Why spend hours hacking away and reading datasheet to get to blink a LED and send 'hello world' over a UART when you could build rich graphical programs with web technologies or mobile? The fact that embedded development requires a wide skill set going from electronics, process control, signal processing to software, to Matlab means that substantial time is required to form a good base on which to build the required specialized skill sets. Not many people are willing to do that. 

Back home

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A couple of days ago I returned home from an extensive trip abroad. After getting some needed rest it was time to get back in the home office and start running some updates on my computers. I've got one older Sun Microsystems Ultra-20 workstation which I still use extensively. It's definitely not the fastest machine on the planet, but it gets the work done.

Ultra 20

Sabayon Linux and an HP Laptop

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As a long time Linux user, and Gentoo in particular, I wanted to try a Gentoo derivative called Sabayon on my new used HP 6730b.

Tux Gentoo

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