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Happy Holidays

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Season's greetings and best wishes for 2014!


It's been a while...

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... since I've written something on my blog here. Things have been hectic, new, fascinating, frustrating, scary and much more all at the same time - but mostly very busy. 

Too much to do


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Last weekend, we celebrated Midsummer in Finland. It's one of those highlights in a Finnish calendar year, but we missed it for many years in a row due mostly to work related travel. This year was different. Midsummer is the celebration of the summer solstice, and marks the day with the longest period of daylight. Where we are, this is 24 hours - the sun never sets. We spent the day in a typical Finnish manner: get out, enjoy nature, the quietness, family, with food and drinks.


Web Proxy

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We just launched a free web proxy service: Not only will it help you get around firewalls and sites blocked by your ISP, it does so without logging user data. Oh, and we're 'Not Subject to American Law' - in reference to the recent NSA surveillance debacle ;-)


Smart Grid Security

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Just recently I had an article of mine published on In the text, I outline some of the security issues currently present in the Smart Grid, from the meter to the SCADA system. It is a brief overview only, and not too technical or in depth. It serves as a basis for a series of future research articles detailing the security aspects of each component of the Smart Grid. Hopefully the article can be a gentle introduction to the topic, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

For your future career

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 From a recent LinkedIn thread (didn't correct spelling, but you get the idea):

Need suggestion for future career

Hello all, I'm looking for a new job, but now I'm really confused. My friends suggest me for iOS/Android development, 'cause that are the most popular and easy to get started. But for me, that's not cool, not challenging and not exciting at all. No offents. Most of them are SNS and incredible easy on programing. I was tired some hardware R&D company, didn't goes well, very little salary or named "R&D" in fact "Copy and Paste"(and some company just told me that "BEc not under consideration"). I love embedded C programming, but looks my country didn't (nobody interested in teach newbie), it's too hard to improve my skill without product R&D. Should I follow my firend's advice to became a framework based SDE, or other way out?

It is not just this one person, but plenty of other young people struggle with this, in a variety of different fields. I replied with a 5 step 'program' to the question, and it seems that others appreciated it as well. I'm reproducing it here just in case it disappears from LinkedIn...

Tips for the security minded traveler - and others

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A lot of business travelers have at one point or another sensitive information on their laptops. This information could come in the form of a corporate document, an email, or that PowerPoint you decided to finish on that transatlantic flight. It could also be credit card and bank information, social security numbers, or even just a list of customers or contact persons. Loss of this kind of sensitive information seems to happen all the time...

Security Guard

The Cloud Again...

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Have you read the recent news reports about Microsoft Azure going down across the planet because someone at Microsoft forgot to update the SSL certificate? It was widley reported, for example here, here, here and again here. It's not that I'm picking on Microsoft. After all, remember the DropBox outage, the Amazon Cloud outage, and several more. And then there is the recent security problem at Evernote...

The main reason for writing this entry however is not to point a finger at any of these providers. It's to show you that The Cloud sometimes stops being there - and the potential for problems can be much worse than the outages mentioned above. I'm talking about a certain thing called "The Smart Grid"...


Power Transmission 

GPS Tracker and Kickstarter

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Ah, this first blog entry of 2013 occurred a little later than I anticipated, but I've been too busy. As you may know by now, our Kickstarter project did not manage to get to the amount of funding we were aiming at. The reasons for this are most likely the lack of media attention (we tried hard though), and perhaps the total amount needed was too high. We also believe the project wasn't crazy enough compared to certain other Kickstarter projects to grab enough attention :-)

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