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One of the good things about autumn in Finland is that it gets dark again, while not being too cold yet. This allows one to go outside in the middle of the night and do some stargazing without freezing within a few minutes. In addition, solar activity has been high in the past few days, which leads to some wonderful aurora displays. While I did not manage to capture the aurora this time, I did take a picture of the moon which you can see here below. 


This is actually a composite image of several that have been merged (stacked) together with an image processing program. The reason I did this is as an experiment to simulate a long exposure image by combining a sequence of short exposure images (or video). I might be able to capture some aurora images that way. Why not just use a DSLR camera with manual exposure support? Just for fun and to play with the math behind it...

To see some other people's aurora pictures taken here in Finland, have a look at this site: