It's been a while...

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... since I've written something on my blog here. Things have been hectic, new, fascinating, frustrating, scary and much more all at the same time - but mostly very busy. 

Too much to do

Some of the exciting things happening right now:

  • I'm focusing on my company WRD Systems with a lot of new and exciting projects. We're also getting a store ready which will contain several items derived from projects we've been working on. It should go online early next week or so - will let you know.
  • I've been doing some research on crypto-currencies. Our new store will accept Bitcoin and Litecoin to get started with. It will be part of an experiment to see what the possibilities of crypto-currencies are.
  • Some projects I'm working on are still 'top secret'. It has to do with large electric motors. Hopefully more later...
  • The Technology for Change Foundation is going to be working on a project to bring technology education to special needs kids. I'm very excited about this one; please consider a donation to support our efforts!
  • We've been working with the guys from FlatTurtle for quite a while now, but we've been working on something special behind the scenes. Stay tuned because you'll really like this one :-)
  • WRD Linux is a fact. We've been working on this initially for the Raspberry Pi and our GPS Tracking platform, but it is now used on other products and projects as well. I should make a new video, but the one here below shows an earlier version running on the Raspberry Pi.


Besides those, we launched a new website called; a tech news website which we hope will become a fun place for all things technology. Have a look and don't hesitate to contact us with ideas, hot topics, etc. Also, if you want to talk about a topic in tech that you think isn't talked about enough, let us know and we'll invite you to our podcast.

sudo apt geek

There is a lot more stuff going on, and I hope that over the next few months I'll be able to dedicate a blog entry to each and every one of them. I'm also going to try and add some more tutorials and research results. Then there is this security article I should finish...