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Season's Greetings

-26°C outside. Warm greetings...


...and Best Wishes for 2011!

UAV Prototype

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For over a year now, we've been working on developing a cheap, yet stable and easy to use autonomous UAV solution. You can find a subset of what we have been working on described on this page on the Paparazzi Open Source Autopiliot Wiki page.

4th of July

Celebrating 4th of July (on the 5th actually) in San Antonio Texas - with steak of course!

4th of July

This was FTF Orlando, Florida 2010

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Freescale Technology Forum is almost over. Tomorrow is the last day, but I'll be leaving already at noon tomorrow to catch a plane towards San Antonio - so it's the end for me.


FTF was great. I enjoyed giving the lecture (which we did in cooperation with Future Electronics - thanks!). I met a great deal of interesting people and seen some great new and upcoming technologies. The technical sessions especially were excellent.

Freescale Technology Forum

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Next week I'll be giving a lecture at FTF (Freescale Technology Forum) in Orlando, Florida.

Future Electronics AEU

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On 1 May I gave a day long training at the Advanced Engineering University event hosted by Future Electronics in Montréal, Canada.

Future Electronics Logo

GPS Tracker - Update

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The GPS Tracker is progressing nicely. The picture below shows the populated PCB of the base station. The software is running on Genesi's Netbook prototype (



GPS Tracker

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I've been working on a new GPS tracking solution (hardware/software combination) for some time now - almost ready for production!

Below is a screenshot of the base station application. It's a Qt application and is thus completely portable to any Qt supporting platform (runs already on Linux x86, Windows and Linux on ARM). The advantage of making a stand alone application is that tracking data is not kept on a third party server.



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After a long time I've decided to have a personal website again. We'll see what will come of it :-)