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How Small?

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As some of you may know, we at WRD Systems have been working on our new, next gen, GPS tracker. The goal of this one is to be as small as possible, yet pack as many features as possible out of the box while keeping the cost low. We often get requests asking how small our tracker is. We tried communicating scale in millimeter, or took a picture of the board next to a coin, but they did not seem to convey how small our tracker can really be. To try to improve on this, we present the Matchbox Tracker:


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One of the good things about autumn in Finland is that it gets dark again, while not being too cold yet. This allows one to go outside in the middle of the night and do some stargazing without freezing within a few minutes. In addition, solar activity has been high in the past few days, which leads to some wonderful aurora displays. While I did not manage to capture the aurora this time, I did take a picture of the moon which you can see here below.