Qt and Web Content

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Qt is a really nice framework to develop applications that need to be cross platform, and where you have the raw power of C++ (or even optimised C/Assembly libraries) at your fingertips. However, more and more we see web applications and web languages taking over from the traditional desktop applications. Often though, what you really need is a mix between the two: the raw power and responsiveness that a desktop application provides, while interacting with web API's and displaying web content as part of the desktop application. Good thing then that Qt allows just that... 

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Clickatell with Qt

Tags: Programming, Qt, SMS

Over the past couple of weeks I've been working extensively on the Linux kernel, specifically working on drivers and board support for the the new Genesi hardware based on the Freescale i.mx53 ARM SOC. I needed a little 15 minute break from the Linux code and decided to play with Qt again. Specifically, I wanted to send SMS messages from a Qt application, just for fun.

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GPS Tracker

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I've been working on a new GPS tracking solution (hardware/software combination) for some time now - almost ready for production!

Below is a screenshot of the base station application. It's a Qt application and is thus completely portable to any Qt supporting platform (runs already on Linux x86, Windows and Linux on ARM). The advantage of making a stand alone application is that tracking data is not kept on a third party server.


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