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An Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography

Tags: Cryptography, Mathematics

Some of my research is focused on the implementation issues of Elliptic Curve Cryptography on embedded systems. Since I often have to explain what Elliptic Curve Cryptography exactly is, I decided to write this little introduction on the matter. Maybe this will get the attention of some of my students, and can perhaps get them more interested in the mathematical branch of finite fields in Algebra.

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Transparent Caching Proxy with Squid and Just One Ethernet Port

Tags: ARM, Efika, Linux, Network, Squid

Some time ago we had a project which needed a simple transparent caching proxy for use in classrooms in Latin America. The classroom desktops consisted of ten of our Efika's, and we thought why not use an extra one of those to act as the proxy. This is not the kind of high bandwidth environment of a typical installation, so the performance limitations were not really an obstacle. The goal was rather to use the limited internet connection available as efficiently as possible. The configuration of the system using Squid is detailed below.

Efika NetTop

Qt and Web Content

Tags: Programming, Qt

Qt is a really nice framework to develop applications that need to be cross platform, and where you have the raw power of C++ (or even optimised C/Assembly libraries) at your fingertips. However, more and more we see web applications and web languages taking over from the traditional desktop applications. Often though, what you really need is a mix between the two: the raw power and responsiveness that a desktop application provides, while interacting with web API's and displaying web content as part of the desktop application. Good thing then that Qt allows just that... 

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